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How To Use Account Info

This reference is to better help you understand how to use the online Account Info program to:

  1. Login To Account Info
  2. Navigating Account Info
  3. Adding New E-Mail Accounts
  4. Editting User Information
  5. Paying your bill On-line
  6. View/Print Invoices

1) Login to WebMail

Click here to open the login screen for you Account information in a new browser window. Enter your Username and your Password. Your Username is the name you use to login to the Internet. Click the "Login" button. If you entered the correct Username and Password, you should then be redirected to the Account Infomation pages. If you received an error message, try re-entering your Username and Password again. If you still cannot log in or you have forgotten your Password, contact

2) Navigating Account Info

The top tabs of the Account Info pages contains the main navigation, your seven basic areas: Customer, Services, Usage, Referrels, Invoices, Payments, and Logout. These tabs will always appear on the top side of your screen. Clicking on any of these tabs shows you infomation which you can check and correct as necessary. Sub-Categories are listed on the left column. Clicking on Logout will exit Account Info. (You should always log off when you are finished using the Account Info pages.)

3) Adding New E-mail Accounts

Select the Services tab. Ensure E-Mail is selected in the drop down box. Click on Add Service. Fill in the Information for E-Mail Address, Username (first part of email address, left of @ symbol), and a Password. Then click on the Update button to save the information.

4) Editting User Information

From the Customer tab, select the Addresses link from the left column. Select the appropriate address to change. Type in the correct information. Click the Chage Address button.

5) Paying you bill On-line

From the Payments tab, select Enter Payments from the left menu bar. Place a check make beside the invoice you wish to pay, Enter the Credit Card information and the Amount to be paid. Click on the Pay Invoices button.

6) View/Print Invoices

From the Invoices Tab, click on the invoice you wish to see. The invoice will display the invoice in a new window from which you can print.


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