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How To Use ICQ

Listed below are the 4 basic steps to understanding AIM.

  1. Installing ICQ
  2. Registering an ICQ Number
  3. Setting up your Contact List
  4. Using ICQ

1) Installing ICQ

Begin by clicking here. A new window should pop up that looks like this:

Click "OK" to continue. You will be prompted to save the file icq2000a.exe to a folder on your computer. Click the pull-down menu at the top beside the words "Save in." Click the option that says "Desktop." (It should be near the top of the list.)

Click "Save" to save the file to your computer. The file will begin downloading. When the download is complete, the window will look like this:

Click the "Open" button. ICQ will begin its installation process. Just follow the prompts from this point to complete the installation.

2) Registering an ICQ Number

ICQ will launch after the installation is complete. You will see the following window:

Under "Connection Type," select the radio button beside your connection type, either modem or permanent connection. (If you have to dial a phone number to get online, you have a modem connection.) If you have an existing ICQ number click the "EXISTING USER" button, follow the prompts, and skip to Step 3: Setting Up Your Contact List. Otherwise, click "NEW ICQ#." Fill in the fields that follow with the required information. Your nickname will be what people know you by on ICQ. Click "Next." You can skip the next section by clicking "Next" again if you do not wish to enter any further personal information. ICQ will then fetch you a registration number. Change any options you wish to change on the following panel. Click "Next" when you are finished. Follow the remaining prompts for additional automated services provided by ICQ.

3) Setting Up Your Contact List

You will be prompted to find or add contacts for your Contact List. Follow the instructions given by the ICQ prompts to find or add users you would like to put on your contact list. For example, if you click the radio button next to "Search by any of the following parameters" type the name of the user you wish to find n the "NickName" field, and then click the "Next" button, you may find that user in the ICQ directory. Click on this user's name in the white box to highlight it. Make sure you have the checkbox checked beside "Add to contact list" at the bottom. Then click "Next" again. Congratulations! You just added your first ICQ contact!

4) Using ICQ

To send a contact messages, simply double-click his name in your ICQ list, type your message in the box that appears, then press "Send." To receive messages, wait for a flashing message icon to begin flashing beside a contact's name in your ICQ list. This means you have a message from that contact. Double click that person's name to open the message.

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