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Welcome to the PCSHome Family!

First let us say Welcome and Thank You for choosing our service. We pledge to provide you with the best service and support possible from our very qualified staff.

That being said, we would like to inform you of our usage policy. Your usage of this service is provided on an unlimited but not dedicated basis. This means we will not disconnect you if you log on and start a long download. However, PCSHome reserves the right to disconnect any user who logs on and sits idle for long periods of time. Dedicated connections are available. PCSHome also reserves the right to bill you for dedicated usage based on your logged usage time. We will provide you two warnings and then bill you for the extra service. This applies to 56K and ISDN Dialups both. Dedicated service and lines are available.

In order to provide everyone with the best opportunity to use the service we provide we strive to maintain about one modem for every five customers. Without the above policy only one fifth or less of our users would be able to get online. This does not mean you will always be able to get online. During times of peak usage you may get busy signals. Please wait a few minutes and try again.

You are responsible for your use of this service. PCSHome provides no tracking of the sites you visit or any content filtering. We recommend the use of software available from the web such as NetNanny, which run on your machine, to provide this service if you desire such. PCSHome also recommends the use of virus scanning software such as Norton Antivirus or McAfee Antivirus, which again runs on your machine, to protect your data. PCSHome does not support these products. Please contact their maker for support. PCSHome cannot be, and therefore is not responsible for data loss due to your use of the Internet.

PCSHome's billing is automatic. Failure to recieve a bill is not grounds for service without payment. All accounts will be secured on the payment due date and loss of username and email names will occur. Email services will be stopped. Use of the same username/email name maybe regained if it has not been used by another customer in your absence.

Need a web page or site? Check out our Web Designing and Hosting page for further information!