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PCSHome.Net Internet Hosting Policy

PC Source, Inc & seek to provide the best Internet access and Web hosting facilities available. The following policies pertain to those services:

Web Site Hosting:

PC Source, Inc offers web services on a per instance basis. All web design and hosting depends on the size and complexity of your site. We will host a personal home page (5 MBs or less) for you free when you become a internet customer.

Web Page and Site Design:

Web Design is available from PC Source, Inc. Whether you need an information page to promote your business or an e-commerce site to sell your products, we can help. We also do sites for Clubs, Schools, and Churches to help them contact their members with meeting times and updates of activities and happenings in those organizations. We will even host sites built by you or other Web Designers if you already have a site and would like it moved to our servers.

Web site design pricing is contingent on the complexity of the site and the size of the site. This can range $300.00 and up.

Hosting of your informational (one or two page) web site is only $5.95 per month. Commercial sites start at $19.95 per month. Maintenance on the sites includes minor changes but not major upgrades.

All services provided are payable based on future usage. This means that your payments will be in advance of your receiving services and those services will be terminated if payment is not made on a timely basis.

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