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Find useful tools, news, and other informative pages that will make you more familiar with the realm of the Internet. Learn how to shop online! Do all your banking electronically! There are no limits.

Start your Internet shopping spree here! Find anything you want, from books to consumer electronics to housewares. Amazon.com has it all.
Are you a stock whiz? Lose the phones. Drop the broker. Do it all yourself online at E*Trade. Buy and sell stocks and mutual funds with a click of the mouse.
Do all your banking online. Never worry about paper registers are long lines again! It's safe. It's easy. It's the future of banking.
Enter the world of the Instant Message. Chat with your friends from around the globe without the troublesome cost of long distance bills. It's free! It's fun! Download ICQ now.
Get into the online auction action! EBay is one of the Net's biggest electronic auction giants. Find incredible deals on items ranging from thimbles to automobiles!

"How can I make sure my children are safe on the Internet?" There are many potential solutions to this problem. The easiest way is to always monitor your children when they are surfing the Web, but since this isn't always possible, you might want to try purchasing NetNanny. It's a safeguard against Internet content unsuitable for children.